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Top frequently asked questions

Do I need to add supplements when feeding ZIWI® Peak?

ZIWI® Peak foods are complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds. We do not recommend adding supplements to your pet’s diet unless specifically recommended by your veterinarian.

Are your canned and air-dried foods raw?

ZIWI® Peak recipes are handcrafted with high inclusions of meat, organs, bone, and seafood. ZIWI Peak’s unique twin-stage air-drying process results in highly nutritious, shelf-stable and ready-to-serve product that is as nutritious as a complete raw diet with the convenience of a scoop and serve food. During the canning process of ZIWI® Peak wet recipes, our foods are sealed and heated in order to preserve and stabilize the contents. They are then heated at the minimum temperature and time required to meet the international regulations for human and pet canned foods.

Can I feed my cat ZIWI® Peak daily dog recipes?

ZIWI® Peak foods are formulated to meet the unique needs of each species. ZIWI® Peak dog foods do not meet the special nutritional needs of cats; therefore we do not recommend feeding cats our dog recipes.

How do you develop feeding recommendations for your foods?

ZIWI® Peak feeding guidelines are consistent with AAFCO recommendations, which are based on the National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements for Dogs and Cats. This is a compilation of scientific research done on dog and cat nutrition and is the reference book used by professionals worldwide.